Where possible, typed information is preferred, but not required.  Hand-written submissions will only be considered for approval if they are legible. Any form that requires a signature and date should be hand signed, and not typed.

Documents are either pdf, doc, or excel files. To fill in pdf format documents, you will need Adobe Acrobat. All public computing site cybrary workstations have this ability and any computing consultant can show you how to use it.

Frequently Used Forms

Important Information for Club Officers

Forms for Starting and/or Activating a Club

Frequently Used Vendors that will Directly Bill GSA

  • Wegman’s (cards can be signed out at either GSA office)
  • Franco’s, Besta, Santora’s, or Zetti’s Pizzerias
  • Staples or Eaton Office Supply (GSA will place the order)
  • University Bookstore
  • Three Pillars Catering or any Campus Dining and Shops (CDS) organization
  • The UPS Store (UB Commons)
  • Any vendor that is willing to accept a PO and invoice for goods or services