Broad Based Fee Consultation Period

The University is proposing an increase to students’ Broad-Based Fees by a total of $192. For graduate students, they are proposing to increase the Academic Excellence and Success Fee by $100, the Campus Life fee by $7.50, the Health fee by $36.00, the Technology fee by $31.00, and the Transportation fee by $17.50. There will be no increases to your mandatory student activity fee. Please let us know how these fee increases will affect you by emailing the GSA president, Isaac, at You can also share feedback directly with the University here.

Discounted Graduate Student Basketball Tickets

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It will unlock a $3.00 (plus $2.00 service fee)  ticket price for all games between 1/24 and 3/9.

Men’s Games = 2/3 DH, 2/17, 2/20,3/2, 3/5 and 3/8 (300 Level and General Admission)

Women’s Games= 1/24, 2/10, 2/21, 2/24, 3/6, 3/9  (General Admission)

University at Buffalo – Alumni Arena – Buffalo, NY | Tickets, 2023-2024 Event Schedule, Seating Chart (

GSA Winter Break Schedule and Paperwork Deadline

Please note that the GSA will be closing for Winter Break from Tuesday, December 12th until Tuesday, January 2nd.  Because of this, all paperwork for payments that your club wishes to be processed before this shut down will be due by Wednesday, December 6th.  Any payment documentation submitted after this date will not be processed until after we re-open, which means that checks will not be cut until mid to late January.

GSA Winter Break Schedule:

GSA open through Monday, December 11th

GSA closed Tuesday, December 12th until Tuesday, January 2nd

GSA on Summer Hours Tuesday, January 2nd – Tuesday, January 23rd

      • Open Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 4:00pm, closed on Fridays

GSA closed Monday, January 15th for MLK Jr. Day observance (University Closed)

Regular Business Hours resume Wednesday, January 24th with the start of the Spring semester

Update on GSA Statement on Candace Owens Event

Note: GSA has been informed that Turning Point USA has moved this event to an undisclosed location off of campus. Accordingly, much of the statement we issued yesterday is no longer directly applicable to this event. Most importantly, it no longer makes sense for GSA to call on University Police to protect protestors’ rights to freely speak and assemble, since protests against this event will presumably happen off campus. Regardless of the location of the event, however, we would like to affirm our support for students who choose to exercise their right to protest. The statement below is the same statement that we issued yesterday, which will be left up on this website for the sake of transparency.

GSA Statement on Candace Owens Event

As many students are aware, the undergraduate club Turning Point USA at SUNY Buffalo has invited the conservative commentator Candace Owens to speak on UB’s campus. Some graduate students have expressed disappointment and frustration that Owens has been invited and will appear on campus. These emotions are understandable, especially considering that “reporters” from Turning Point have, just this month, injured and harassed an instructor at Arizona State University.

At its best, the university is a place where faculty members and students can argue and disagree in substantive, thoughtful, and nuanced ways about complex issues. We believe that appearances by provocateurs like Owens hinder this mission. We do not believe that Turning Point USA treats UB as a place for learning, discovery, and genuine intellectual engagement; for them, UB is a prop in a predictable melodrama designed to divide and antagonize.

GSA recognizes that, as a public university, UB believes that it does not have the legal right to ban speakers on campus, even if students find those speakers to be wrongheaded, distasteful, harmful, or even hateful. But students also have a Constitutional right to protest or speak against Owens’ event. We call on University Police to protect protesting students and to safeguard their right to free expression and assembly. And to those students who choose to exercise their right to free expression by protesting this event: we stand with you.

Isaac Kolding, President
Sarah MacDougall, Vice President
Melanie March, Treasurer