Survey on Latinx inclusion at UB

Dear UB Student,

Please take a few minutes to complete this short, anonymous survey: Latinx, Latin American, Caribbean Student Experience.  We’re looking to build the foundations for a program and center for Caribbean, Latin American, and Latinx studies and students. We would very much appreciate your insights regarding your experience as a Latinx student on campus, and thoughts as to what you’d like or need to support your success, and that of Latinx communities at UB.

Call for Participants ~ Research Study on Writing Needs of International Doctoral Students


My name is Brenna Butler, and I am a doctoral student inviting you to participate in a research study about the writing needs of international doctoral students (IDSs) whose strongest language is not English who are currently enrolled at institutions across the United States. This research study consists of a brief online survey asking about your writing needs during your PhD program that should take you between 15-20 minutes to complete. The data from this survey will be shared with higher education individuals that work with IDSs who make decisions regarding graduate student resources and policies.

There are minimal risks to this study and responses will be kept completely confidential by the researchers. All potential participants can enter a raffle for a chance to receive one of 20 books on scholarly writing (“The Dissertation Journey” by Carol Roberts or “Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks” by Wendy Laura Belchner), or one of 10 $15 Amazon gift cards. All potential participants can receive a scholarly writing guide that includes videos and a handout with resources developed by the researchers that provide tips on improving your scholarly writing skills.

Your participation is voluntary. If you wish to participate in this study, and/or enter the raffle for a scholarly book or gift card, and/or receive the writing guide, please click on the link below:

Do you know of an international doctoral student that might be interested in participating? Please feel free to pass this survey link along to them!

Thank you for your time!

Volunteers Needed for Random Surveillance Testing on Campus

Looking for an opportunity to get some volunteer hours without having to leave campus? Volunteers are needed to assist at the COVID-19 surveillance testing sites here at UB. PPE will be provided for volunteers upon arrival including lab coat, surgical mask and gloves. Please review the Overall Pooling Day Process video to see a sample test site and then follow this link to volunteer –

Paid Participants Wanted for Psychology Study

Are you currently in a romantic relationship? (between 2 months and 5 years in length?)

Are you a UB student, 18 years or older?

If so, you are eligible to participate in a psychology study on Romantic Attachment & Social Networks. You would receive $20 for your participation: $10 for an initial online survey (about 30 minutes) and $10 for a brief online follow-up (about 10 minutes).

If interested, please email to ask for instructions for how to sign up for the study.

GSA may be working remotely, but funding and services are still available to all fee paying graduate students!

While the physical GSA office will remain closed until further notice, graduate students are still eligible for all of the funding and support services we provide.  For example, conference funding is still being awarded on a monthly basis to students who are attending or presenting at virtual events; MDRF grants are still available to support expenses related to final project, thesis and dissertation research, and the GSA Editorial Services are still offering copy editing services via online submissions.  Check out the GSA website for more information about these and all of our other opportunities!

Furthermore, Departmental clubs are able to provide conference and research support to their students, so make sure to inquire with your club officers about additional financial support.

All funding provided through your mandatory student activity fee.

GSA Officer Election and Referendum Results

The GSA Election Committee is pleased to announce the results of the 2020-2021 GSA Officer Elections and Referendum vote:


J Coley: 468
(110 abstentions)

Vice President:

Connor Walters: 472
(106 abstentions)


Joshua Joseph: 475
(103 abstentions)

These elected candidates will officially take office immediately.


That the student activity fee be MANDATORY for all graduate students: 329

That the student activity fee be VOLUNTARY for all graduate students: 249

Thank you to all of the graduate students who participated in these votes!


GSA Election Committee

Tania Islam (EC Chair)
Xingyu Chen (EC)
Sadat Khan  (EC)
Olabowale Olola (EC)
Amber Rivera (EC)

Help Chinese Students from Visa Revocation and the MCF Proclamation

I am sharing a joint letter of appeal from Chinese international students with our university, hoping to express some concerns and difficulties. The letter has been signed by 556 Chinese students from 100 institutions over U.S., who are seeking help and support regarding visa issues and recent events.

Please find the letter attached here. We hope that this message will reach more Chinese international students who may need help, support, and understanding from our university.

You can also show your support by completing the attached google form: