Activating your Grant:

Congratulations on receiving your MDRF grant!  In order to activate your grant, you must complete the following procedures:

1. Read the MDRF Guidelines and Obligations

2. Watch the MDRF Mandatory Informational Video

3. Sign and return the Certificate Of Understanding And Acceptance (U&A) via email to,,, or to the GSA office at 310 Student Union.

Please Note: All Acceptance to Candidacy notices/letters must be on file with the MDRF Director prior to releasing funds. The MDRF Director will be in contact with the Graduate School to obtain Acceptance letters shortly after award notifications are sent. Application to Candidacy application forms are not acceptable and do not qualify as an Acceptance to Candidacy.

Utilizing Grant Funds

When you are ready to utilize grant funds, please complete the appropriate forms based on the information in the Guidelines and Obligations document and the MDRF Mandatory Informational video.

Please Note: The requisition request form is an online form used for all of the GSA’s business. The Account Number is N/A for MDRF recipients (please mark with zeros). If you have any questions, please contact the MDRF Director or the GSA professional staff!

Budgetary Guidelines

MDRF operates on GSA’s Budgetary Guidelines and their subsequent deadlines. This year’s important deadlines are:

Requisition deadlines for Fall 2022 Grantees: Monday, October 16th

Requisition deadlines for Spring 2023 Grantees: Monday, March 11th

Requisition deadlines for Summer 2023 Grantees: Monday, June 10th

All expenses must be incurred and expended within the grant period while conducting research for one’s thesis, dissertation, or final project as a registered graduate student.

GSA’s fiscal year ends July 31st annually and therefore, no use of funds can occur between July 15th and July 31st each year to allow for the proper closing and reconciliation of the annual budget.