GSA Board of Directors Members

List of Board Members (Updated 11/13/2023)*

*highlighted clubs are updated

All Board members must complete the online “Good Practices for Good Boards” program annually before they can serve on the GSA’s Board of Directors.  Board Alternates and club officers will also need to have their certificate of completion on file before they will be eligible to register and attend Board of Directors meetings.

Visual Reference Guide to accessing Board Training

  • Instructions:
    1. Go to
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link for “Good Practices for Good Boards” under “More Resources”
    3. Sign up as a Board Candidate and log in
    4. Click the link for the “Good Practices Course” at the top of the page
    5. Complete the online training course and quizzes located at the bottom
    6. Once course is completed you should be able to see “My Quiz Results” at the bottom of the page.  Click on the quiz number, and then select the “View Certificate” button at the top right side of the page.  Follow the instructions to download a copy of the PDF Quiz Certificate of Completion.  Email the certificate to the GSA office before you attend your first Board of Directors meeting.

**PLEASE NOTE: We have been made aware of some technical issues with the BoardStrong website that are preventing some students from accessing their certificates after completing the course.  We contacted the vendor to try and fix the issue, but in the meantime they have asked that students just send a screenshot of their test results (with a score of 100%) to and they will email the certificate directly.**

Important Documents

GSA By-Laws (Amended April 21, 2021)

2023-2024 Budget (Approved April 5, 2023)

2024-2025 Budget (Approved April 3, 2024)

Election Code 2023-2024 (Approved November 1, 2023)

2024-25 Meeting Schedule

September 4, 2024
October 2, 2024
November 6, 2024
December 4, 2024
February 5, 2025
March 5, 2025
April 2, 2025
*April 23, 2025 (Tentatively scheduled if the budget does not pass on April 2nd)

2023-24 Meeting Schedule

September 6, 2023 (Agenda) (Minutes)
October 4, 2023 (Agenda) (Minutes)
November 1, 2023 (Agenda) (Minutes)
December 6, 2023 (Agenda) (Minutes)
February 7, 2024 (Agenda) (Minutes)
March 6, 2024 (Agenda) (Minutes)
April 3, 2024 (Agenda) (Minutes– not yet approved)

Please Note:  Each Board of Directors meeting will begin promptly at 6:30pm; Sign-in begins at 6:00pm. Sign-in ends when the meeting begins, so please come early or your attendance will not be counted!