These clubs allow groups of students who share common interests to carry out activities as organized bodies for educational or recreational purposes.

List of International Clubs Officers (Updated 10/11/2023)*

*highlighted clubs are updated

List of International Clubs

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Graduate Bangladeshi Student Association (GBSA)


The cultural purpose of GBSA is to uphold and represent the glorious cultures and tradition of Bangladesh to UB students. And also to build a community of Bangladeshi people so that we can all come together and share the festival and the joy that comes with it together.      

Graduate Indian Student Association (GISA)

Graduate Indian Student Association (GISA) is a club that aims to bring together Indian students and share our proud values with everyone. Every year, we help new students by coordinating with volunteering seniors to provide temporary accommodations and make their stay in a new place peaceful. Indian   Indian
Iranian We would like to represent and promote Iranian culture. It is our main intention to establish and maintain a good relationship between Iranian students, the people of our local community, and our friends from all other countries, regardless of race, religion or political issues. Our club is intended to provide a more realistic image of our country for other students in order to diminish the wrong impressions and create stronger mutual respect. It will be a great success for us to share our love. This mission will be done through gathering hundreds of students and non-student community members over Iranian national ceremonies and other cultural events intended to familiarize students with our culture, food, etc. We have, also, planned to provide useful information for the graduate students (current and newcomers) of Iranian nationality.      
Latin American GSA LatAm graduate student association aims to unite UB students native of Latin-American countries while welcoming anyone interested in our culture. Our purpose is to promote the fellowship among graduate students through cultural and academic activities, to help familiarize new-coming Latin-American students, and to represent our community in UB events and activities. UB community members are welcome to join our association, we will host potlucks, movie nights, Spanish reading and conversational groups, and we will organize events to make known our gastronomy, literature, cinematography and other cultural aspects of the Latin-American community. LatAm    



Taiwanese Graduate Student Association (TWGSA) aims to bring all the Taiwanese students together here at UB. Our association helps the freshmen to settle down and to lead them to get involved in school business. People who are interested in Taiwanese culture are also welcome to join the association. There are several annual activities which include a Welcome Party, Welcome BBQ and Chinese New Year Banquet. Taiwanese