**We encourage all student organizations to follow accessibility guidelines in order to make their events as inclusive as possible. The following website offers a succinct overview: https://www.adainfo.org/hospitality/accessible-meetings-events-conferences-guide/

Special Activity Funding Application

This fund was created to promote activities which will be of benefit to a large number of graduate students.

Interdepartmental Activity Funding Application

The interdepartmental activity fund is a relatively new funding opportunity, set up to encourage social and academic activities that foster interdisciplinary scholarship and/or relationships between students of different departments. Any group of 2 or more Departmental GSA Clubs may request up to $400 of Interdepartmental Activity Funding.

Graduate Symposium Application

A graduate symposium is a formal meeting for the discussion of subjects of academic interest. The GSA funds the symposium so as to give graduate students the opportunity to prepare and present research papers to their peers.

Community Outreach Program Funding Application

This program was created to promote service to local community agencies for the betterment of humanity and to encourage graduate student organization involvement in the community.

Special Activity, Interdepartmental Activity, Symposium, and Community Outreach Request Deadlines

Event Date Application Deadline
September, 2024
October, 2024
November, 2024
December, 2024 – January, 2025
February, 2025
March – April, 2025
May – July, 2025
August 28, 2024
September 18, 2024
October 23, 2024
November 20, 2024
January 22, 2025
February 19, 2025
March 19, 2025

Scholarly Publication Funding Application

This fund exists to support original and scholarly academic publications such as journals (of varying media) or the formal proceedings of graduate student conferences.

Scholarly publication funding applications share Fall deadlines with the other funding applications above, but all scholarly publication applications MUST be submitted in the Fall, i.e. before the November 20th deadline. All journals must be printed by June 30, 2025.

List of all Fall 2024 GSA Deadlines

List of all Spring/Summer 2025 GSA Deadlines