Comprehensive Exam Lists

Major Field Lists

Our department currently offers six major fields: American History, Early Modern Europe (1400-1789), Modern Europe (1789-present), North and South Atlantic History, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean
Antebellum US with Carole Emberton | Justin Masucci, 2014-15
Post-Civil War US with Gail Radford | Justin Masucci, 2014-15
US Long 20th c. with Gail Radford | Kathryn Lawton, 2013-14
General US with Jason Young | Elisabeth George, 2012-13
General US with Susan Cahn | Colin Eager, 2011-12
American History with Tamara Thornton | Sarah Handley-Cousins, 2012-13
American History with Tamara Thornton | Joshua Schroeder, 2014-15
American History with Gail Radford | Kevin Ryan, 2011-12
Qing and Republican China with Kristin Stapleton | Xiangli Ding, 2013-14
Late Medieval, Early Modern Europe with James Bono | Elisabeth Davis, 2015-16
Modern Europe with Sasha Pack | Katie Smyser & John Marsland, 2014-15
Modern Europe with Sasha Pack | Averill Earls, 2012-13
Modern Europe with Andreas Daum | Jake Newsome, 2012-13

Specialization Field Lists

The field of specialization normally reflects a choice as to the prospective area of dissertation research; it is, as the title suggests, more focused and specialized than the Major Field.
Modern Britain with Patrick McDevitt | David Strittmatter, 2015-16
Early Modern England with Claire Schen | Marissa Rhodes, 2014-15
Modern Britain with Patrick McDevitt | John Marsland, 2014-15
Modern Britain with Patrick McDevitt | Katie Smyser, 2014-15
Modern Britain and Ireland with Patrick McDevitt | Averill Earls, 2012-13
Modern Germany with Patricia Mazón | Jake Newsome, 2012-13
Imperialism (US) with Victoria Wolcott | Justin Masucci, 2014-15
Religion (Colonial American) with Erik Seeman | Joshua Schroeder, 2014-15
Disability with Michael Rembis | Kathryn Lawton, 2013-14
Environmental History (China) with Roger Des Forges | Xiangli Ding, 2013-14
Women’s History (US) with Susan Cahn | Elisabeth George, 2012-13
Alcohol and Other Drugs with David Herzberg | Colin Eager, 2011-12
Post-1945 US Urban History with David Herzberg | Kevin Ryan, 2011-12
Civil War Era with Carole Emberton | Sarah Handley-Cousins, 2012-13

Minor Field Lists

The minor field is meant to complement the major field, typically by adding useful theoretical or methodological competencies or by supplementing the major field with knowledge of another geographical or thematic area. It should not overlap with the major field.
Anthropology with Deborah Reed-Danahay | John Marsland, 2014-15
Oral History (coming soon)
Pre-Modern Britain with Claire Schen | David Strittmatter, 2015-16
Early Modern Atlantic with Erik Seeman | Marissa Rhodes, 2014-15
Atlantic with Jason Young | Joshua Schroeder, 2014-15
Atlantic with  Jason Young | Colin Eager, 2011-12
Southern US with Carole Emberton | Elisabeth George, 2012-13
Modern East Asia and Japanese Empire with Mark Nathan | Xiangli Ding, 2013-14
Early Modern England with Claire Schen | Kevin Ryan, 2011-12
Early Modern Women  with Susan Cahn | Elisabeth Davis, 2015-16
Women’s History (US) with Susan Cahn | Kathryn Lawton, 2013-14
Sexuality & Gender with Susan Cahn | Averill Earls, 2012-13
Gender & Sexuality with Susan Cahn | Jake Newsome, 2012-13
Science & Medicine with Michael Rembis | Sarah Handley-Cousins, 2012-13