Current Doctoral Students


Ryan Adams [20th century US history] [History of Medicine and Mental illness] [Latinx History]

Angela Gallagher [British Empire] [History of Medicine and Mental illness] [ Eugenics]

Jenna Labbie [US ] [Latin America] [Human Rights]

Aaron Siegal [Urban History and Race]

Brandon Burger [Vast Early America] [NIAS] [ Environmental]
Mitchell Mockerman [History of Cities and Metropolitan Regions]
Bethany Pryor [Colonial America] [Early Modern Europe] [Atlantic World]
Ashley Morin [Modern Europe] [War and Peace Studies] [Modern Ireland]
Emily Seger [US History] [ Disability History and Mad Studies] [History of Medicine]
Stephen Burciaga [Colonial America | Early Republic]
Tanya Blakeley-Clark [Early Modern Europe | Gender]
Eric Deutsch [ U.S. Cultural History] [Disability History and Mad Studies] [Gender, Race, and Citizenship]
Victoria Nachreiner [Atlantic History | West Africa |Gender & Sexuality]
Brent Rosenstein [Early Modern Europe | France]
Emily Bowlus-Peck  [History of Medicine] Early Modern European History] [ British History]
Jonathan David O’Brian [US Progressive Era]
Andrea Nero [Early American] [History of Science]