My Three Houses

My Three Houses provides professionals working with children a method for young children to express their feelings through drawing. This is accomplished through the utilization of three drawing prompts; House of worries, House of Good Things and House of Dreams. Workers can use these drawings to assist children in the discussion of difficult topics.

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Version: 4.7

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android Devices

Price: Free

Target Audience: Child welfare workers, practitioners working with younger children,parents or foster parents.

Bottom Line:  My Three Houses gives workers a tool to work with young children on expressing their feelings through drawing.

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  • Characters “Bella” and “Buddy” explain to the children, how to use the app
  • Ability to save sessions in child profiles
  • Easy to use drawings allowing for text writing, free hand and voice recording
  • Data not encrypted 

Features and Options:  

This application gives children aged four through eight a means to communicate through drawing. A professional working with the child has the ability to select from various tools to aid them through the process.  

The professional worker has the ability to give the child control of the tablet and allow the child to draw in their three houses; House of Worries, House of Good Things and House of Dreams.  Each of these “houses” are a blank canvas which allows the child to illustrate their emotions through their own creative expression. The app provides two characters, Bella and Buddy, who provide instructions for a child on how to draw in the three houses via a storybook or instructional video. The child completes the drawing prompts and the characters instruct the child on how to share their drawings. For children that may have limited drawing ability, the app offers clipart as well as a voice memo recording option which can be added to the “houses”. 

There is a safety feature that requires an adult to solve an algebraic equation before the session can be closed. Workers can save child profiles allowing them to keep records of each session. There are tutorials on how to utilize the app, question prompts suited for young children and step-by-step instructions of how to prepare for the first session with a child.    

There is also a parent section that gives the worker the ability to obtain parental consent.  This section also has instructions on how parents might use this application with their child.

Practice Implications

My Three Houses can be utilized by professionals that work with young children. Through the use of drawings, a practitioner can use this app with children to help them communicate their feelings. The drawing technique allows the clinician to explore emotions or feelings a young child may have difficulty verbalizing. Practitioners can use this app to help build rapport or discuss those difficult topics.   

Privacy Policy Disclaimer: Privacy policy not available through Resolutions Consultancy website.

Device used for this review:  iPad


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