Sample Assignments

On this page you will find sample assignments that instructors use when they are integrating mobile apps into their instruction.

Teaching Students how to Evaluate Apps that they may use in their Practice

In this video Charles Syms, Clinical Associate Professor – Emeritus, describes an assignment that he uses in his addictions courses. In this assignment he has the students identify an app that they may use in their practice. He then has the students critically evaluate the app for how effective it may be when working with clients. While Charles uses this assignment for an addictions course, the assignment could easily be adapted for any practice area.

Using Mobile App Reviews to Teach Technology Competencies in a Field Setting

In this video Jennifer Parga, MSW, Clinical Associate Professor, Field Education, University of Southern California Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work, describes an assignment that she used with school social work students who were displaced by Covid. The assignment was geared to get students to think about how they can integrate technology into their practice. The assignment introduced the students to the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics and Technology Standards regarding the use of technology in social work practice. Students were then assigned to small groups to jointly review a mobile app. The app reviews were then edited and are being published as guest reviews on the HAPPE blog.

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