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Helping Apps for Practitioners and Educators, HAPPE, is a monthly blog series of the University at Buffalo School of Social Work.  The goal of the series is to connect practitioners and educators in the Helping Professions with mobile apps they may find useful in practice or in their pursuit of life-long learning.  We believe digital literacies are important skills for the new millennium. This series aims to educate and inspire Helpers to appropriately integrate technology into their professional li

HAPPE is a monthly series.  Please subscribe to our blog to receive notice of our new posts.


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Integrating Apps
into Practice

Find out how to appropriately integrate apps into your practice, whether its working with clients, doing community outreach, or promoting a cause you are involved in.

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Integrating Apps
into Education

Find out some of the benefits of using apps in education, how to effectively integrate apps into your classes and hear from other instructors about how they use apps in their teaching.

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Our App Reviews

Take a look at the apps that we have reviewed. Our reviews provide a description of what each app does, along with ideas on how you can use the app in practice or teaching.

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Play a Part

Find out more about how you can participate in our community of learners. By sharing reviews, rating apps, or becoming a guest reviewer.