Guidelines for Creating a Sample Assignment

Thank you for your interest in sharing how you have integrated an app into your class or teaching.  These guidelines will describe how we will recognize your contribution, what we are looking for in terms of content, and then it will provide some options on how to create and submit your contribution.  Printable version of these guidelines.

Ideally we would like a short video of you describing your work, but if you are uncomfortable with creating a video and would prefer to submit an audio or written description of your assignment please contact us at and we can discuss alternative submission formats.

Permissions and Attribution

As a guest contributor you will receive recognition for the materials that you submit to the blog.  We use a standard attribution which will include your name, title, organization and a two line (50 word) brief bio about you.  We will also link to one outside website that you are affiliated with.

By submitting a contribution, you attest that the material is original to you.

By submitting a contribution, you hereby grant to the University at Buffalo, School of Social Work, an exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, assignable, royalty free license to use the contribution, and to create derivative works of same, in any manner in any medium now known or hereinafter to be developed.

The University at Buffalo reserves the right to edit or modify the contribution to ensure it meets our editorial guidelines.

Content Considerations

For your Sample Assignment Description we are looking for you to describe how you integrated a mobile app into your teaching or classes.  The final video should be 7-13 minutes in length.

Sample Outline

Here is a recommended outline for what you should discuss in your video:

  1. Describe yourself – thirty seconds to one minute introduction of who you are and your interests
  2. Describe the class – thirty seconds to one minute overview of the class
  3. Describe the app – two to three minute overview of the app
  4. Describe the learning objectives – two to five minute overview of the assignment where the app was used or how you used the app in general within the course, and how you used the app to meet the learning objectives within the course
  5. Lessons Learned – two to three minutes about how the students perceived using the app while learning, and any helpful tips you might recommend to others that might like to re-create your experience

Feel free to deviate from this outline and include any additional information that you feel other educators would find helpful.  We include the outline here to help get you thinking about how to structure the information so that it will be helpful to others.

Including Student Created Content

In some instances you may want to include samples of the projects students have created for their assignments.  This could be done by creating images of their assignments, or screen grabs of the apps displaying what they created.  If you are interested in doing this, you will need to get permission from the students in order for us to display their work.  We have a standard release form that you can get them to sign in order for us to use their work.  You will then need to send us copies of the release forms, along with the images that you would like us to include with the videos.

Creating and Submitting your Video

Creating Content on your Own

If you have your own webcam or video camera and know how to record yourself using that equipment, feel free to do so.  Just make sure that the lighting is good, so that we can clearly see you as you present, and make sure that you have a good microphone and are recording in a quiet space so that we can get good audio of your description.  Once your video is complete, you will need to be able to upload your video to a file sharing service, such as google drive or box, and share the file with us, so that we can go and download the file and then upload it to our site.

Connecting with Us through Video Conference so we can Record for You

If you are not sure how to create your own video, or you do not have a means of sharing your completed video with us, we can also help create your video.  You will still need a webcam, and a quiet space to record in.  We can connect with you through a web conferencing app and we can record your video through the app.  If you are interested in creating your video this way, please reach out to and we can arrange a time to do this.

Once your video is completed, and we have received a copy of it, we will review it and post it to our website.  We will also publicize it through our social media channels.

If you have any questions about this process, or would just like to discuss your content before creating a submission, please feel free to contact us at we would be very happy to talk to you about sharing your ideas.