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Couples Coach is a great tool for individuals exploring their relationships.  It provides activities to explore their relationship with themselves; through individual check ins, recognizing emotions, communication style; and their significant other, noticing something nice, sending a message, completing a task. The app contains several tools to engage with your partner from quick messages to worksheets on topics, such as communication, love, safety, and reconnecting. As you complete ‘missions’ you earn badges and move up to the next level as you and your partner complete levels.

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Guest Author – Jennifer Parga, MSW

Version: V.1.0 (70)

Compatibility: Android and iPhone

Price: Free

Target Audience: Adults, persons in a relationship

Bottom Line: Educational and activity app to help couples better understand how trauma, attachment, and PTSD may impact their ability to connect, communicate, and evolve as a couple in a committed, loving, and responsive relationship.

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  • App users do not have to be in the military to access, however, uses familiar military-like language (your mission, badges, mission history, highlights impact of PTSD specifically throughout)
  • About tab lists research, data, project members and developers (really transparent)
  • Provides a platform to exchange really valuable information (attachment styles, recognizing emotions, active listening, etc)  to support couples growth and goal setting
  • Great place to start for persons struggling to talk face to face
  • Some areas you aren’t able to type text it is just a sticker (might not communicate exactly what the partner wants)
  • Navigating through the app takes a bit of time to understand
  • Finding the ‘Understanding what Couples Coach can Do’ is under ‘Learn’ with all the various levels (aka missions) information and not under the About tab.

Features and Options:

Couples Coach was developed by the Veterans Affairs.  The app tracks individual and couples progress through suggesting readings, tips, and activities for couples to try (even a few minutes at a time). You can learn (read), earn badges (can be intentional or earned as you go) and take quizzes (both take a quiz then responses are compared) . The ‘Tips’ really provide tangible ways users can try to implement strategies in their relationship. For example, in the active listening section under the Learning tab, users are provided a definition of active listening and a Tip to practice as: summarize what you heard your loved one saying, using their words.

Practice Implications:

This could be a great tool for a clinical setting where couples counseling is not available, the partner is unavailable, or unable to attend sessions. For social workers who are working with couples, individual relationship concerns, or working with military affiliated populations.

Privacy Policy Disclaimer:

Device used for this review: Android


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