Nextdoor can be utilized for community outreach, to organize events, and publicize activities. Nextdoor allows individuals living or working within a community the opportunity to experience fellowship, share mutual interests, attain resources to meet their needs and work towards mutual goals within their community. The platform allows members to; organize community gatherings, establish neighborhood watch groups, sell items, find a local babysitter and much more. 

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Version: 5.178.3

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Target Audience:  Community organizers, community members.  

Bottom Line:  Nextdoor provides an enclosed social media platform for members of a specific community.  Community organizers can coordinate events with their local neighborhood and use the app for outreach with members of that community. 

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  • Privacy within your own community
  • Ability to add multiple people in your household or organization
  • Specific news feeds for your specified interests.
  • Difficulty switching to another community with relocation
  • Ads within your newsfeed

Features and Options:  

This app gives community organizers and community members a place to communicate with each other.  The app allows for users to communicate with one another through an “all topics” newsfeed or specific chat rooms designated for topics such as; neighborhood safety, buying/selling, business recommendations, babysitting and local events. Additionally, users have the ability to direct message other users for a private conversation outside of the newsfeeds.

Users must verify their address through the app with a valid address and confirmation number.  Once verified, a user is able to communicate with other members of the community through community messages boards.  A user has the ability to scroll through an “all topics” newsfeed which consist of recent posts from other community members, or a user can browse through discussion boards based off of specific topics such as; yard sales, employment, community events, shared interest, etc.

Practice Implications:   

Community organizations or Macro orientated social workers have the ability to post information about an event on the app as well as invite members of the community to the event. Nextdoor facilitates community organizing and marketing within the specific community. Once an organizer creates an event, members can post, share and invite other neighbors to the event through a direct message option.  The organizer could also utilize the discussion boards and newsfeeds to interact with community members around specific issues.  These tools could also be used to get feedback and information from the community members on topics of concern within the community.

Privacy Policy Disclaimer: Privacy policy available through the app.

Device used for this review:  iPhone XS


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