Updated: Regulations for In Person Meetings and Events

Dear Club Officers, Representatives and Students,

As noted in the GSA COVID Memo 2021 that was sent out to all clubs with their club activation email on August 2nd, all in person activities/meetings/events, both on and off campus, require prior approval from both the University and GSA.  Please follow the detailed instructions listed in the memo.  The highlights are listed below.  Any club found to have violated these procedures will have their club derecognized and will lose all of the benefits of university-wide recognition for the year, such as the ability to reserve space, fundraise, and spend your club budget.

We will be relying very heavily on UBLinked this year in order to help us all comply with the various rules and regulations.  A representative from UBLinked gave a tutorial on the site at the GSA Board of Directors meeting on September 8thHere is that portion of the meeting for everyone’s future reference.

Highlights for planning an in person activity:

  1. Submit an event request through your club’s UBLinked page.  Make sure to include the link to the GSA Liability Waiver in the event description.  The GSA Liability waiver has been made into a digital form and has been pre-loaded on every GSA club’s UBLinked homepage.  Make sure to cap the maximum number of RSVP spots allowable accordingly based on the occupancy limitations of the space and the current capacity guidelines at the time of your event.
  2. Once the event has been approved by the University and EH&S, requisition requests can then be submitted to GSA for review and approval (if necessary).
  3. If you will be charging admission for your event, make sure to contact the UB Ticket Office to set up the sale at least 7 days in advance.  Clubs are NOT allowed to collect money from students or community members without utilizing the UB Ticket Office for any reason.
  4. Have students RSVP and complete the GSA Liability Waiver via UBLinked if they plan to attend a free event.  Note that they will need to be logged into UBLinked and registered as a club member to access this information.  For paid events, the GSA Liability Waiver will be posted by the UB Ticket Office as a requirement for purchasing a ticket online.
  5. Officers and/or event organizers will need to verify that every participant has RSVP’d/purchased a ticket in advance and completed a GSA Liability Waiver before they can admit them to an event.  The UBLinked Event Pass App must be used to check students in at each event.  GSA will be checking these attendance lists against liability waiver lists for all in person events before releasing any payments/reimbursements.

If you have any questions about the new policies or guidelines, please reach out to the GSA office for assistance well in advance.  The process for getting an in person event pre-approved can take several weeks, so please make sure to plan accordingly!

Thank you for your attention in this matter.