Message from Student Governments Regarding Events following Presidential Election

Dear Students:

The Council of Advocacy and Leadership is an organization consisting of all seven student government Presidents, the Chief Justice of the Student Wide Judiciary, and the UB Council Student Representative at the University at Buffalo. Our purpose is to provide resolutions on key issues at every level of the University hierarchy affecting any and all student governments and their constituencies. Collectively, we represent all 30,000 students at UB.

In light of the recent Presidential election, a series of events have occurred across college campuses, both throughout SUNY and the nation. As the elected representatives of the entire student population, we want to make our message clear: we support equality for ALL. Equality for all students of color, equality for all religious denominations, and equality for all sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities. We will not tolerate a campus environment that accepts or allows discrimination, much less one that actively promotes hatred, harassment, and an unsafe environment. Every student has the right to free speech, but what we have witnessed goes far beyond that right.

Regardless of your stance on the results of the Presidential election, it is important to recognize and understand the minds of those surrounding you. Some students feel excitement; others feel fear. As students, educators, and future leaders, it is our place to encourage positive discussion and growth that benefits our community. We cannot be complacent in striving for unity in our ever-changing society, particularly in this time of transition.
We commend UB students on their methods of sharing their concerns and the respect shown to their peers. Do not be afraid to speak truth to power and always stand up for what you believe in, for our voices are the tools through which our future is crafted.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or ideas to share, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Council of Leadership and Advocacy

Tanja Aho, President, Graduate Student Association
Connor Arquette, President, Medical School Polity
James Corra, UB Council Student Representative
Nicholas D’Angelo, President, Student Bar Association
Jacob Henning, Chief Justice, Student Wide Judiciary
Jeffrey Morrisey, President, Graduate Management Association
Sara Perrone, President, American Student Dental Association
Matthew Rivera, President, Undergraduate Student Association
Taylor White, President, School of Pharmacy Student Association