Free GSA Editorial Services

Dear fellow graduate students:

Paper deadline coming up? Wishing you had an extra pair of eyes to look over your work?

The Graduate Student Association (GSA)’s editing assistance program is currently accepting submissions for all fee-paying graduate students at all stages of their degree. Graduate students with materials ready for submission or presentation receive constructive feedback from advanced English graduate student editors, ranging from sentence-level to minor content-oriented questions. Further, projects that undergo editing, whether large or small, benefit from readers outside of the field of study: submission can include MA and PhD thesis/dissertation submission (individual chapters and completed projects), journal articles for scientific and humanities papers, academic job application materials, seminar papers, and response papers.

Submissions can be either paper or electronic (Microsoft Word files). To submit, please visit the GSA website for the submission website and provide a note on your deadlines: The service is attentive to the need for privacy that comes along with larger projects. Though we ask students to allow for a 2-3 week turn-around for edits, we typically can return papers within specially requested time frames.

Questions? Editors can be reached


GSA Editorial Services