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The My Life Meditation app assists children and adults in identifying, managing, and processing their current state: physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is captured through an initial check in. The app includes engaging emojis, graphics, and colors to make the app visually appealing and fun to use.  For social workers on the go and in clinical sessions this could be great for in person or remote workers looking for interventions for their clients or groups to offer during session, on the phone, or via text.

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Guest Review:  This review was compiled by MSW students at the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work with input from Jennifer Parga, MSW

Version: 1.6

Compatibility:  Apple App Store (iPhone, iPad), Web Version, Android


Free, unless you want to ‘Power Up’ for ‘100+ activities, 9 narrators and longer versions, customizable timers, and new monthly activities’ … Power Up options:  Monthly $9.99, yearly $5.00/month, and if you really love it LifeTime $249.99 (which means you’d have to use it at least four years and two months to get your money’s worth.

Target Audience:

Although the app is for kids ages 5-10, may be better suited for kids with assistance. ie SW’ers out in the field who have the phone and can guide smaller children through the technique based on the reported symptom(s).

Bottom Line:

Meditation and mindfulness for kids who can check in as needed to how they are currently feeling by utilizing emojis and receive ideas on how to address their symptoms through guided activities on the phone.

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  • User friendly (1-2 click responses for check in questions)
  • Addresses multiple aspects of health: physical, mental, emotional
  • Can set automatic reminder to check in
  • Getting started in the app directs you to ‘take a breath’ and literally dims your phone for 10 seconds!
  • Accessibility for some parts would depend on the reading level of the user (reading support would be necessary to complete)
  • There are several apps in Apple, Google, which use a combination of Stop, Breath, Think and Kids or mindfulness. Is confusing.
  • Attached to the electronic (computer/phone) it is on, not all clients may have access.


Features and Options:

My Life Meditation was previously called Stop. Breath. Think, however the functionality in the renamed app is the same.

My Life Meditation is comprehensive in terms of the types of activities offered, for example: Mindful breathing, relax ground and clear, body scan, gratitude, nature sounds etc. Great way for individuals to identify what works best.  Activities based on check in are realistic in terms of length and physical ability.  The activities have a variety of components and may include timers, visual, and audio components depending upon the type of activity.  Activities explored offered (sometimes) both male and female voices and in Espanol.  The app checks in on you after each activity in terms of your symptoms.

Also have an option for organizations, they list schools, but assume it could easily apply to a large non-profit or behavioral health system specifically looking for ways to engage children with social emotional learning (SEL) needs.

Practice Implications:

This app is a great resource for social work educators integrating technology in the classroom, BSW/MSW internships in schools, nonprofits or community-based organizations, or for their own practitioners out in the field with children, youth, and families.

For social workers on the go and in clinical sessions this could be great for in person or remote workers looking for interventions for their clients or groups to offer during session, on the phone, or via text.          

Could also be a good ice breaker in group settings and/or a great resource for parents or individuals who are looking for external support with creating a life skill in young people.

Privacy Policy Disclaimer:

Device used for this review: iPhone


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