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The My Sex Doctor app allows adolescents aged 17+ to gain sex positive sex education through the use of their mobile device.  Users can learn about consent, sexually transmitted diseases, and positive sexual health while having access to resources on interpersonal communication skills.  Practitioners can use the app to support the client-worker relationship and to bridge the gap to more open dialogue.

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Version:  2.0.2 (iOS)

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Price: Free

Target Audience: Adolescents and young adults

Bottom Line:  My Sex Doctor provides adolescents and young adults with information regarding sexual health, sexually transmitted diseases, consent, and healthy interpersonal relationship skills. 

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  • Users can utilize the dictionary feature to understand terms related to sexual health
  • The app can be secured with a customized pin password
  • Information regarding consent
  • Lacks a list of outside resources

Features and Options

The My Sex Doctor app is available in three different forms.  My Sex Doctor Lite, My Sex Doctor, and My Sex Doctor Plus.  The lite version provides resources, and material for adolescents aged 12+ while the My Sex Doctor app is designed for adolescents 17+ years of age.  The apps are free of charge with the exception of the “plus” version.  My Sex Doctor Plus is designed for individuals aged 17+ and has limited ad pop ups compared to the other two free versions.

In the app, the user has the ability to select from the following options; topic, dictionary, 100 things you must know, symptom checker, and join the revolution.  The “topic” feature allows users to obtain information from a diverse set of topics ranging from biological changes during puberty, interpersonal relationship skills, LGBTQ+ classifications, and sexually transmitted disease education. 

When the user chooses the “dictionary” feature, they are able to search an exhaustive list of sexual health terms, sexually transmitted diseases, and slang terminology to understand more about the topic of sexual health. 

The “100 things you must know” feature provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding sexual health, STDs, and information on abusive relationships.  The app provides information that allows the user to obtain basic knowledge of these topics.  My Sex Doctor also directs the user to seek the guidance of a medical professional or trusted adult to address further questions or concerns regarding sexual health and relationship abuse.

Symptom checker allows the user to examine a list of common symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases and provides suggestions as to when app users should seek the guidance of a medical professional.

The last feature of the app supplies the user with information on how to become involved with the app developer’s movement to increase awareness of sexual health in teenagers while also providing contact information.

Practice Implications

My Sex Doctor can be utilized by adults as a tool to communicate with and present information to adolescents.  The app allows users to research, learn about, and investigate questions regarding sexual health, LGBTQ+, and STDs.  This app can be helpful to opening the discussion between an adult and an adolescent regarding positive sexual health.  Users have the ability to search for information in a discrete manner which can assist in keeping adolescents informed on safe sex practices.

Practitioners would be well served to utilize this app to support the client-worker relationship. Because sexuality related concerns are considered taboo or minimally, tinged with shame and guilt in the broader society, My Sex Doctor can be utilized to encourage young clients to begin to bridge the gap between “I want to talk about this, but I embarrassed or ashamed” to “now that I have some good information and a common language in a once-removed format, I am more willing to discuss this with my worker.” Introducing and educating the young client about this app, could be used as a routine resource (with explanation normalizing concerns regarding sexuality at this developmental stage) provided to all clients as a means of universal precautions to be embraced or ignored by a particular client.

In addition, and similarly themed, the app can be use by practitioners with parents as a way of aligning their own familiarity with sexuality at this vulnerable age and again, bridging the gap to a more open dialog between parents and their children.

Lastly, the apps’ accessible and informed format is simply a slightly less intimate first-take for young people seeking accurate and empathic information regarding their own and others’ sexuality.

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Device used for this review:  iPad


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