MindMate offers practitioners with clients suffering from symptoms of memory loss a tool for their client’s cognitive, nutritional, and physical health. The application uses evidence-based research to offer activities that facilitate maintenance of the user’s brain and body. Practitioners can use the app as a record of their clients’ behaviors and to trace their progress. The app could also be used to provide accurate care management and seamless treatment from session to session or practitioner to practitioner.

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Version: 5.3.1 (IOS)

Compatibility: Available on all iOS devices

Price: Free

Target Audience: Practitioners working with aging individuals or individuals with memory affecting disabilities.

Bottom Line: MindMate seeks to help individuals reduce their risk of developing cognitive decline and improve brain health through nutrition, exercises, workouts, educational videos, and games.

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Likes Dislikes
  • Evidence Based
  • Expansive resources, covering a wide variety of needs
  • Only binary gender choices
  • Only available on IOS devices
  • No option to share data from one device to another

Features and Options:

Mindmate is a comprehensive app, supplying interventions for all parts of a person’s aging body. The app includes a wide assortment of brain games, recipes, health tips, educational videos, and workouts.

MindMate creates a personalized experience for each user. When users’ open the app for the first time, they are asked a series of questions regarding their gender, age, and any current conditions. The user does not have to have a diagnosed condition to use the app or find it valuable. Practitioners incorporating this app should note that MindMate only offers binary gender options.

After providing their demographics, users are prompted to take a memory test, rate the level of difficulty of the memory test, how healthy they eat, and how often they exercise. Information gathered about the user is integrated into the app. Depending on the user’s condition and symptoms, MindMate may offer different workouts, games, meals, etc.


Mindmate challenges users to complete five daily activities and explains that research indicates successful completion of all activities will boost users’ brain and bodily health. The five daily activities include reading a health tip, cooking a simple recipe, completing a workout, watching an educational video, and playing a brain game. All of these activities are provided through the app. The user is not limited to completing these five activities and can always access more games, workouts, recipes, educational videos, and health tips.

Tracking Progress

MindMate offers users an easy way to record and track their activity on the app. When initially opening the app on a new day, the user is asked how they are feeling and the duration of their sleep the night before. The user’s answers are placed into “Insights” along with data retrieved from the completion of various activities. This feature, “Insights,” displays mood, sleep, and cognitive and physical activity performance trends for the last four weeks.

Recording Memories

The app also has a feature called “My Diary.” This allows the user to record memories and upload photos into albums. The user is able to write about something as simple as their contact information and as complex as their spiritual and cultural needs. This feature could be especially helpful for individuals that need help remembering and communicating their history and specific needs to their practitioners.

Practice Implications:

MindMate could be used with clients who have been diagnosed with any conditions that affect memory including Dementia, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s or aging individuals who exhibit symptoms of undiagnosed memory loss. This application could serve as tool to help clients track their wellbeing, increase cognitive ability, record memories, and learn about best eating and exercise practices. Using this app as a record, a practitioner could provide more accurate care management, counseling, or other related services for their client or for their client’s caretaker. MindMate could also make work with clients and their caretakers more fluid and connected from session to session or practitioner to practitioner.

Privacy Policy Disclaimer:

Mindmate collects and shares user data with third parties. More information about Mindmate’s privacy policy can be found here: https://www.mindmate-app.com/privacy-policy.html

Device used for this review: IPad


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