UB Microsoft Teams Upgrades Starting March 31st

Beginning on March 31st, anyone at UB who has access to Microsoft 365 applications will receive a new Microsoft Teams upgrade. This will be a gradual rollout to the UB community over the course of a few weeks, so some may notice this change on March 31st while others may be days or weeks later.

There is no need for anyone to download new software or take any action with this upgrade. If you have Teams currently installed on a device, the upgrade will happen automatically.

Some updated features on the new Microsoft Teams include:

  • Faster performance: The new Teams app is twice as fast, consuming 50% less memory on devices.
  • Simpler design: Microsoft Teams features simplified meetings, less cluttered with notifications and messages, and more ability to customize settings in conversations.
  • Accessibility upgrades: There are improvements for those who use screen readers to avoid repeated information, interpret the app, and arrange channel conversations. There are also more keyboard shortcut options.
  • Improved contact search: Students can find colleagues quickly with an upgraded contact search feature. You can also chat with and meet with others outside of UB.

Anyone with the current version of Microsoft Teams can preview the new version of Teams immediately, before the upgrade begins on March 31st. Toggle the “Try the new Teams” button on the top left side of the current Teams app to make the switch.

UBIT always welcomes your feedback as we continue to incorporate technology to enhance communication around campus.