UB Ticket Office Resumes Normal Operations

We are pleased to announce that the UB Student Union Ticket Office is back up and running as normal. You may begin to send in your event/ticket requests as you have done in the past.

Over the last month, UB student governments representatives have worked with the Ticket Office and the UB Information Security Office to ensure the software system that the Ticket Office uses has been properly secured and that all possible threats have been addressed.  The recent AudienceView security breach was caused by an employee with credentials who entered a malicious code into the system. This employee no longer works at AudienceView and Mandiant (a third-party remediation vendor) has confirmed that the code is no longer running.

According to the UB Information Security Office, there is little AudienceView could have done in ways of an insider threat and that a rouge employee can introduce this issue. We are happy to know that AudienceView did not have a vulnerability that was exploited or an unpatched system that was taken advantage of.  Because of this, we feel as though there is no valid technical reason not to continue to move forward with the AudienceView software at this time.

I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during this incident to ensure that all your personal information was safe and secure.

The URL for the full background is as follows: https://www.buffalo.edu/studentlife/who-we-are/announcements.host.html/content/shared/www/studentlife/gateway-wide-content/announcements/current/su-ticket-office-advisory.detail.html

John Kisker
Interim Director
Student Unions
Student Life, University at Buffalo
228 Student Union  /  (716) 645-3077