Save SBI: Next Steps

Thank you for your support for Sub Board I, Inc. (“SBI”). We wanted update you on the fight to save SBI. Since UB’s arbitrary decision to close SBI, we have seen an outpour of support from thousands of students, alumni, and community members. This support has resulted in a petition, rallies, and correspondence telling the University to rethink their decision.

Regrettably, the University has not wavered from their choice. In fact, our efforts have only emboldened their actions and resulted in coercive threats in an effort to force submission by the student governments and student body.

We cannot thank you enough for the support we have received so far, but the fight continues. We are again calling for your assistance. Since the University will not listen to you, please contact our politicians and elicit their help.  Tell them your desire to save SBI, your experience with SBI, ask them to contact the UB President and SUNY Chancellor, ask them to fight for SBI. The University may not listen to our requests, but they will hear from our government representatives.

We realize this call to action is not an easy request, but every phone call you make will be one step closer. Let our leaders literally hear our voices. Every phone call you make will have a significant effect on our cause to save SBI. Please call the following politicians.

Senator Timothy Kennedy
(716) 826-2683

Senator Patrick Gallivan
(716) 656-8544

Senator Christopher Jacobs
(716) 854-8705

Assemblywoman Crystal D. People-Stokes
(716) 897-9714

Assemblywoman Karen McMahon
(716) 634-1895

Assemblyman Sean Ryan
(716) 885-9630

Assemblyman Patrick Burke
(716) 608-6099