Name UB’s International Eatery Contest

The third phase of UB’s Heart of the Campus (HOTC-3) initiative will bring an international eatery, currently being referred to as the global market café, to one of the busiest crossroads on the North Campus in 2020.The UB student community is being asked to select a permanent name for the university’s international eatery, as planning and development of the project moves forward. So, help name this international eatery and leave your legacy at UB!

Students interested in participating in the “Name UB’s International Eatery” contest may submit entries at between Feb. 5 and 18. They can return to March 26 and April 1 to vote for their favorite name. Additional contest information, including how students can participate and prizes to be awarded, can be found at

Remember – The contest starts on Monday, Feb. 5!

The winning entry will win a grand prize of $500 in dining dollars. The entry with the second highest number of votes will win a 2 place prize of $200 in dining dollars, and the entry with the third highest number of votes will win a 3 place prize of $100 in dining dollars.  One winner chosen for each prize.  The contest is spelled out on the site if they need more info.

Also, there is an article in UBNow all about progress and some about the contest if you’d like to include it.