Buffalo March for Science ~ April 22nd

As many of you know – there is a national “March for Science” being hosted in Washington, DC on April 22, 2017 (Earth Day!) According to the organizers, there are marches in solidarity being planned all over the world. This is a march for fellow scientists, citizens, and those concerned about the welfare of our world.

In support of this national (and non-partisan) march – we have started a local group to host a “sister” march in conjunction with the march in DC. And your help is needed to join, support and spread the word so that OUR voice is heard around the world. To add a twist to our march, an Educational Outreach component is being planned. To assist in this aspect, the organizing committee is looking for those who have educational programs already in place that may benefit from this joining of minds and connection to volunteers or would like to help create such programs. Our hope is that this portion will lead to an exchange of ideas, knowledge and learning that will extend beyond just a one day march. We are also looking to highlight local scientists and research going on here in Buffalo on our websites in a language that is understandable to the public. If you have research that could be featured – please reach out!

Check out our official website: http://www.march4sciencebuffalo.com/

Please consider joining our official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/march4sciencebuffalo/) our private Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/938153732985874/), follow our twitter page (@march4scibuff), and as always you can reach the local organizers via email (march4sciencebuffalo@gmail.com).

See you on April 22nd!