FASEB BioArt Competition

FASEB’s fifth annual BioArt competition is underway!  Please encourage life science graduate students and other researchers at your institution to submit the beautiful images and videos they produce as part of everyday research.

The BioArt competition aims to share the beauty and excitement of biological research with the public. Past winning submissions have been displayed at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), featured on the NIH Director’s blog, and included in a variety of exhibits.

With three image categories and one video category, there is a place for all types of imaging produced during the course of daily life science research activities – including data visualizations, microscopy, illustrations, and more. BioArt entries must be original creations, and at least one entrant within a group must either receive federal funding or be a member of FASEB constituent society. Submissions are due by August 30th.

For your convenience, feel free to use content from the BioArt Communications Toolkit (available here) in your tweets, Facebook posts, newsletters, and fliers. More information can be found at www.FASEB.org/BioArt.

Thank you,

The FASEB BioArt Team