ABD Journal ~ Call for Papers

Dear Graduate Students,

I am pleased to announce that the journal created by the University at Buffalo Anthropology Department Graduate Students called ABD will be accepting abstracts for an upcoming edition. The theme is “Who’s Who and Whose Who? Examinations of Conflict and Cohesion Throughout Time”. All disciplines are welcome to submit be that humanities or hard sciences. An abstracts of 250 words or less is due to ahart3@buffalo.edu by no later than September 1, 2016. Please See the attached call for paper and email ahart3@buffalo.edu with further questions.


ABD Editors
Ashlee Hart (editor in chief)
Hannah Quaintance (archaeology editor)
Ariel Noffke (cultural anthropology editor)
Amandine Eriksen (physical/biological editor)
Stephanie Evers (linguistics editor)