National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program Development Program for First Year Graduate Students

NSFWould you like to be fully funded for graduate school? Many students think that they will be “fully funded” throughout their graduate programs but what that really means is that they have a TA, teaching assistantship, where they are paid to teach 20 hours a week. A fellowship like the NSF GRFP is truly a fully funded award.

The NSF awards three-year scholarships for graduate study in mathematical, physical, biological, engineering and behavioral and social sciences, including the history of science. This fellowship carries a stipend of $32,000 per year plus a cost of education allowance to cover tuition and fees for three years. This is a significant graduate fellowship that affords students the freedom to focus on their research and lessen the time to degree completion.

To qualify, applicants must be US citizens, US national status or permanent resident, intend to pursue a research-based Master’s or Ph.D. program in an NSF-supported field, have completed no more than twelve months of full-time graduate study (or the equivalent) as of August 1, 2016, or meet the criteria for the extenuating circumstance described in Section IV of the Program Solicitation. Applications become available in August and the deadlines vary by discipline but are generally due in late October and early November.

To prepare a completive application UB will be hosting a series of workshops this spring. Students will learn more about how to apply for the NSF GRFP and others, what the review panels are looking for and how to write a strong research proposal. These sessions will be hosted by UB’s Fellowship & Scholarship Coordinator, Elizabeth Colucci and a writing consultant Dr. Jennifer Morrison.

Sessions will be held on February 15 & 27 and March 21 & 28. The sessions will be offered from either 9-10:00 or 3:00-4:00 each of the 4 sessions. Students are required to commit to all 4 sessions which includes beginning preparations of the 3 page past research and personal statement and 2 page research proposal. To be considered for this program, students must complete the attached application and return it by January 25th.
For questions please contact Elizabeth Colucci at