After America: Wasteland 2015

World Premiere Production of a play by Jon Elston (UB Theatre & Performance MA ’15)
Playing through 4/4/2015
At the Road Less Traveled Theater (Buffalo, NY)
Thursdays through Saturdays @ 7:30 PM / Sunday 3/29 @ 2 PM
Students pay only $5 on Thursday nights (w/ ID)
For tix & info:
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by Jon Elston (UB Theatre and Performance MA Candidate)
Directed By Scott Behrend & Katie Mallinson
03/13/2015 until 04/04/2015

Starring Lisa Vitrano, Peter Palmisano, Danica Riddick, Steve Brachmann, Monish Bhattacharyya, and Kelsey Mogensen.
Who Will Save The New World? Join Tommi – former waitress and newly appointed savior of the entire human race – as she leads you on a thrilling tour of America after the Apocalypse!

It’s 2015, and a skeletal United States government has spent two years struggling to restore some semblance of order. Only 919 confirmed American survivors remain, all of them housed at Camp Evangola (South of Buffalo, NY), where they receive training in the skills necessary to rebuild civilization. (That’s right – the country’s erstwhile Military Industrial Complex has been replaced by the Department of Education!) Now, one small group receives their final assignment: to venture deep into the heart of the dangerous American wasteland and prevent a devastating atomic threat.
This suicide mission unites Tommi with two other freshly redundant survivors – a Blogger and a Graduate Student – neither of who feel that their work experience qualifies them to save the world. The final member of the team is Justin Foch, pampered Libertarian industrialist and former Fourth Richest Man In America, who doesn’t even feel motivated to save a world that no longer acknowledges his wealth and status. Somehow, this ragtag squad of desperate Americans must overcome their differences and deficiencies; they must survive the myriad hazards of the Wasteland (particularly the zombies and the survivalist cannibals!); and they must protect the fragile remnants of humankind. Yet fractious political animosities continue to simmer to a boil — even deep inside an underground nuclear silo.

Before the Apocalypse, Tommi felt she had no control over her life (or anything else). Now, she’s equipped with an education and a fully automatic assault rifle, and the future of Western Civilization rests in her hands. RLTP’s original resident actress Lisa Vitrano plays Tommi, joining forces with playwright Jon Elston (author of 2012: End Of The Road)and a high-octane ensemble to present After America: Wasteland 2015… an action-packed alternate history and a fantastic fable of female empowerment.