Vaughan et al., 1999 Supplementary Information

I like the paper “Distortion of isochronous layers in ice revealed by ground-penetrating radar” by Vaughan, Corr, Doake, and Waddington (1999), Nature, 398(6725), 323–326, doi:10.1038/18653. The paper describes the field discovery of a Raymond Bump. The online Supplement, however, is not so good. (Thanks, Nature.) I wanted to be able to read it without squinting and scratching my head, so I rewrote it. Maybe it will prove useful to someone out there at some time. See link at end of page.

If you don’t know what a Raymond Bump is, you should learn about it from Jesse Johnson’s page.

This is the Raymond Bump under the ice divide at Siple Dome, West Antarctica. It’s a radargram. From Gades et al. (2000).

And finally… the Supplement of Vaughan et al. (1999)… rewritten!

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