Zaw Win Naung: Research

My name is Zaw Win Naung, also known as Francis, and I am currently a junior at UB. I came to UB originally as a Computer Science major but after taking a Climate Change class during my freshman year, I decided that I wanted to learn more and get involved in climate science, so I switched my major to Environmental Geosciences. To learn more about climate science I decided to join the glacier modeling lab in the spring semester of 2020 . With the guidance of Dr. Kristin Poinar and other graduate students in the lab, I have gained a lot of experience in a short amount of time.


My first project involved using Geographic Information System (GIS) to collect ice canyon sinuosities for two canyons located on a glacier in East Greenland called Vibeke Gletcher. GIS and Worldview images together made gathering data of the two canyons over a ten-year timespan possible. The collected sinuosity data were used in the model of Joshua Carlton’s project which is focused on canyons. I had minimal GIS experience and within the first few weeks, I learned a lot.

Figure 2.  Two main canyons on Vibeke Gletcher
 Figure 1.  Digitized canyons on Vibeke Gletcher over a 10-year timespan

More coming soon  ? ?