Group meetings

We meet weekly in the Glacier Modeling Lab to learn from each other and from external sources.

Spring 2023

Meeting time: Thursdays from 11:00am-12:00pm Eastern time
Location: Hochstetter 439

Goals and themes:

  • Have workshops where we produce tangible outputs, e.g. progress writing our theses, papers, or proposals
  • Read and discuss papers
  • Discuss important current issues in science, glaciology, and EDI

Weekly Schedule:

  • February 2 : Science talk by Jessica Mejia – Basal sliding in the Greenland ablation zone
  • February 9 : Jessica Mejia
  • February 16 : EDI discussion
    • An unlimited (within 1 hour) discussion on racism, sexism/LGBTQ+ issues, microaggressions, etc. 
    • The goals are to keep EDI topics as part of our group relationship, and to find ways any of us could improve our education or actions with respect to these. 
  • February 23 : Dedicated paper / proposal writing hour
  • March 2 : Paper discussion
    • Gowan et al., The impact of spatially varying ice sheet basal conditions on sliding at glacial time scales, published in Journal of Glaciology on 30 January 2023 
    • We summarized our discussion on this Notion board.
  • March 9 : Pre-presentations
    • Courtney Shafer: Seismoelectric exploration of a perennial firn aquifer at Helheim Glacier, Greenland
    • Naureen Khan: Automated crevasse detection on the Greenland Ice Sheet
  • March 16 : Half day writing retreat organized by Courtney
  • March 23 : Spring break, no meeting
  • March 30 : Paper discussion led by Donglai
    • Schmidt et al., Heterogeneous melting near the Thwaites Glacier grounding line, published in Nature on 15 February 2023
  • April 6 : Dedicated paper / proposal writing hour
  • April 13 : No meeting, group will be at Northeast Glaciologists meeting
  • April 20 : Glaciology talk video from IGS
  • April 27 : Webpage update work hour
  • May 4 : Glaciology talk video from IGS
  • May 11 :

Past meetings

Archived here.