Group meetings

We meet weekly in the Glacier Modeling Lab to learn from each other and from external sources.

Spring 2024

Meeting time: Wednesdays 11:00-12:00

Location: Hochstetter 439

  • January 24 : Semester planning: Group meeting format, goals, and skeleton schedule
  • January 31 : Team and personal goal setting at the semester scale (SMART goals framework provided by Mary)
  • February 7 : Paper discussion of “Accelerating subglacial hydrology for ice sheet models with deep learning methods” by Verjans & Robel (2023), led by Courtney
  • February 14 : ❤️ Research talk by Jessica Mejia, “Field and model-based observations of crevasses draining the firn aquifer at Helheim Glacier, Greenland” ❤️
  • February 21 : 5-person research share
    This actually ended up being a 2-person research share because Naureen’s results were so compelling and incited a lot of discussion
  • February 28 : 5-person research share (three people from last week who did not go)
  • March 6 : Webpage update work hour with snacks (Kristin)
  • March 13 : Paper discussion of “Snow bedforms: A review, new data, and a formation model” by Filhol and Strum, led by Jess
  • March 20 : Spring break, no meeting
  • March 27 : 5-person research share
  • April 3 : Paper discussion led by Kristin
  • April 10 : Ghub workshop – no group meeting
  • April 17 : 5-person research share (Drive to Northeast Glaciologists’ meeting this afternoon)
  • April 24 : Paper discussion of “A comparison of supraglacial meltwater features throughout contrasting melt seasons: Southwest Greenland” by Glen et al., led by Naureen
  • May 1 : Manuscript writing power hour! With snacks from Kristin
  • May 8 : Group hike!
  • May 15 : End of semester goal redux

Past meetings

Archived here.

Fall 2023

Meeting time: Wednesdays 3:00pm-4:00pm Eastern time
Location: Hochstetter 439

Goals and themes:

  • Grow our glaciology brains by reading and discussing papers and seeing each other present research in progress
  • Spur research output by presenting results to each other even at early dates, before results are fully ready
  • Discuss important current issues in science, glaciology, and EDI

Weekly Schedule:

Past meetings

Archived here.