GLY 427/527:  Statistics and Modeling of Geologic Data


  • Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists, by Brian Hahn and Daniel T. Valentine, Sixth Edition (2016). Access ebook via UB Libraries: tinyurl.com/GLY427527Hahn

  • Mathematical Modeling of Earth’s Dynamical Systems: A Primer, by Rudy Slingerland and Lee Kump (2011). Access ebook at UB Libraries: tinyurl.com/GLY427527Slingerland
Undergraduate students presenting their midterm research projects at the GLY 427/527 poster fair.

GLY 447/457:  Glaciology

  • Benn and Evans, 2011. Glacier and Glaciation. 2nd edition. ISBN: 978-0340905791.
  • I am using the Matlab Grader (https://grader.mathworks.com) to administer and score student labs.  So far so good.
  • Mathworks also has a Matlab Onboarding tutorial that I assign as Lab 1. It takes about 2 hours to complete and is a good introduction to coding / interpreted languages. This tutorial is at https://matlabacademy.mathworks.com .

GLY 493:  Department Colloquium

GLY 102:  Climate Change

  • Andrew Dessler, Introduction to Modern Climate Change, 2nd Edition, 2016, Cambridge University Press.