Naureen Khan: Research

Intro and Contact

I am a third year PhD student in the UB Glacier Modeling Lab. I am from Chittagong, Bangladesh and I completed my BS in Environmental Science with a minor in Mathematics from Asian University for Women in 2018. I studied Ocean Acidification in the Northern Bay of Bengal from 2017-2018 for my undergraduate senior thesis. Presently, I have been working on detecting and predicting crevasses in the Greenland Ice Sheet.

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Current Research
Close Up of crevasses from North Western Greenland
Credit: Jeremy Harbeck, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

For my doctoral research, I’m working on an automated detection method to locate crevasses and predicting their locations for the future projections on the Greenland Ice Sheet.
For my first two years at UB, I focused on learning Machine Learning methods and exploring satellite imagery datasets on Google Earth Engine. I studied about different object-based detection models to find the optimal model to detect crevasses from Satellite Imagery. Using Google Earth Engine, my task was to study the differences between Optical and SAR-based remote sensing in terms of selecting the optimal acquisition method that would provide the highest visibility of crevasses on Greenland.

Presently, at my 3rd year of PhD, I am currently working on a Deep Convolutional Neural Network named U-Net to automatically detect crevasses on the Greenland Ice Sheet from Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite imagery in Google Earth Engine. I’m adapting this workflow using an open-source machine learning framework named TensorFlow on the Jupyter Notebooks hosted on Ghub. I am also studying the literature to understand the process and occurrence of crevasse initiation in glaciers and on an ice-sheet scale.

My future goal is to predict crevasses for future centuries to interpret and improving global sea level rise projections using Ice Sheet Models.

I am really excited to learn something new about Glaciology everyday!

My interests outside research also involves learning about the latest discoveries in the Astronomy Field.

Naureen at Nafakhum Waterfalls, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado