Jeremy Stock

Supraglacial Lake Drainage Events, Crevasses , and Moulins Formation on the Greenland Ice Sheet

Juneau Icefield Research Program, 2019.

Jeremy returned to the University at Buffalo in the Fall of 2016 to complete his BS in Geology and study climate change after working as a professional artist and musician for 15 years. In the Spring of 2019, he became the first graduate student in the Glaciology Modeling Lab at UB. He spends his days hacking away at his keyboard, modeling lake drainage events in MatLab, and daydreaming about becoming the next Bill Nye. Jeremy is also an accomplished educator and science communicator.


Jeremy will be presenting his poster on Monday, December 9 from 13:40 to 18:00 in the Moscone South Poster Hall

Juneau Icefield Research Program, 2019