Foundations of South Asian Studies Research Workshop

The Foundations of South Asian Studies (FSAS) Research Workshop, founded in September 2011, seeks to establish a shared interdisciplinary basis for dialogue among the various faculty and students working on South Asian Studies at UB. The FSAS Reading Group bridges divides that naturally emerge among the many scholars working on diverse projects within different disciplines. Insofar as the fields represented at UB represent a broad range of expertise—from English and History to Religion, Political Science, and Anthropology,  Psychology, Computer Science, and Engineering—these scholars are often unaware of the valuable work being done by others. The FSAS Reading Group fosters collaboration by bringing together a large and diverse community of scholars already working in the field of South Asian Studies at UB and other institutions of higher learning in WNY, establishing a shared framework for communication and scholarly cooperation. The group invites scholars to UB each semester to lead discussions of their recent work, as well as guide graduate students through the process of seeking publication of their own research. Furthermore, the FSAS Reading Group serves as a venue for graduate students and faculty to share works in progress, combining our broad range of disciplinary backgrounds with area studies expertise in shaping research into publishable products.


FSAS meets approximately once in four weeks, or about four times per semester. For upcoming FSAS events, please see the News page on this site.


Communication regarding the FSAS Reading Group is through a dedicated listserv and is open to faculty, staff, and students of UB, as well as members of the WNY community. If you are interested in joining, please contact Prof. Walter Hakala for more information.