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Baby Connect is an app that can be used to track child development. Parents and caretakers are empowered to monitor the well-being of their child and share their data with relevant third parties such as physicians, caseworkers, family members, or babysitters. Baby Connect updates in real time and allows all authorized users to communicate about the growth and needs of the child.

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Version: 6.6 (iOS) 6.5.7 (Android)

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android devices.

Price: $4.99

Target Audience: Practitioners working with parents or caretakers of young children.

Bottom Line: Baby Connect allows parents or caretakers to track information about their children and share that information with relevant third parties.

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  • Messaging tool
  • Baby profile can be seen by many authorized users
  • Data can be exported to Excel spreadsheet
  • None noted


Features and Options:

Baby connect offers parents and caretakers a simple way to track and share data about a baby, infant, or toddler. Once the user has created an account, they are prompted to enter basic information about the child such as name, birthday, and sex. The user can add as many children to their account as needed. They can also share data about a child with as many caregivers, physicians, caseworkers, etc. as needed.

The app provides numerous tools to monitor the child’s well-being. Parents and caretakers can record information regarding feeding, diaper changes, sleep habits, mood, activity, and medical information. The longer and more consistently parents or caretakers chart this information, the more data the app will have to create graphs, charts, and timelines.

Baby Connect’s graphs and charts are automated to show progress in weight, height, and head size. The timeline is automated to show progress in sleep, diaper changes, bottle feeding, nursing, and pumping. Charts, graphs, and timelines can be converted to Excel documents over the web browser version of Baby Connect.

Data updates in real time on any device used to view information about the child. If a parent or caretaker has invited another user to view their child’s profile, that user can access all information about that child but cannot access information about any other child on the parent or caretaker’s profile. Individuals with access to a child’s profile can instant message via the app and set push notifications so they can stay updated with one another.

Practice Implications:

Baby connect could be used by a variety of practitioners. Foster care agencies could use this app to maintain communication between them and the foster parent(s) or biological parent(s). Practitioners working with young mothers and fathers could use this app to co-monitor the well-being of a newborn. A clinical practitioner could use this app as a tool to open conversation with new parents around the development of their parenting skills. Medical and clinical practitioners should be certain to thoroughly review the privacy policy before utilizing this app.

Privacy Policy:

Data is shared with third parties. Baby Connect’s privacy policy can be accessed here:

Device used for this review: iPad


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