PTSD Coach

PTSD Coach offers individuals suffering from symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) educational resources and helpful symptom management tools. The app uses evidence based assessments to accurately track the severity of users’ symptoms. The information provided helps reduce the stigma related to PTSD and seeking out professional help.

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Version: 3.0 (IOS) 3.1 (Android)

Compatibility: Available on iOS (IPhone version only) and Android devices.

Price: Free

Target Audience: Practitioners working with individuals suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or symptoms of PTSD.

Bottom Line: PTSD Coach helps to manage and track symptoms of PTSD and trauma related stressors.

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  • Evidence based features and options
  • Additional depression resources linked within the app
  • No iOS iPad version (iPhone version can work for iPads)
  • No option to share data from one device to another


 Features and Options:

This app was created by United States Department of Veterans Affairs for veterans suffering from symptoms of PTSD. After testing this app, we found it could be helpful for anyone suffering from symptoms of PTSD.

Tracking Symptoms

The app offers users the ability to track and monitor any potential signs of PTSD. To do so, the user can take an assessment, view their assessment history, and schedule reminders for future assessments. The app uses the PTSD Checklist-Civilian (PCL-C) assessment. When the assessment is completed, the user is provided with feedback which explains if the user is exhibiting no, few, or many symptoms of PTSD. If the user exhibits any sings of PTSD, feedback encourages the user to utilize the tools of the app to manage their symptoms. PTSD Coach also urges the user to seek out a helping professional.

Managing Symptoms

The app identifies eight symptoms of PTSD and offers users exercises specifically created to manage each symptom. The user picks one symptom, rates their level of distress, is offered an exercise, and re-rates their level of distress after the completion of the exercise.  If the user’s stress goes down, the app will encourage him or her to use this exercise again in the future, but if the user’s stress goes up, the app will encourage him or her to try a different exercise next time.

Learning About PTSD

The app provides a question and answer section, where common questions about PTSD are displayed with easy to understand answers. Questions and answers are organized into different topics such as, “Learn About PTSD,” “Getting Professional Help,” and “PTSD and the Family.” This section strives to reduce the stigma related to PTSD and stereotypes associated with getting professional help. Many of the questions and answers acknowledge that stigma and stereotypes exist but seek to counter them in their explanations.

Getting Support

PTSD Coach also offers the user emergency and crisis support. Users are linked with crisis hotlines and messengers, such as Veterans Text, the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The app also provides the users with links to find a practitioner near them, like Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator or the American Psychological Association.

Practice Implications:

PTSD Coach could be referred to clients who have been diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or its symptoms. Though originally developed by Veteran Affairs (VA) for veterans we think anyone suffering from PTSD or mild to severe symptoms of PTSD can benefit from this app. This app could serve as an educational tool or as a foundation of an intervention to address and track symptoms of PTSD.

Privacy Policy Disclaimer:

Data is kept anonymous but shared and sent to third parties for data analysis.

Device used for this review: Samsung Galaxy S3


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