Depression Test

Using an evidence based screening instrument and providing a simple and user friendly interface, this application helps users track their own symptoms of depression and share their findings with their practitioner. It alerts users to whether or not they should seek help. Finally, it offers those using the application educational information about depression and references for additional follow up.  We thought this app was very easy to use and could be especially helpful for practitioners counseling individual clients.

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Version: 2.2 (IOS) 1.2 (Android)

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android devices.

Price: Free

Target Audience: Practitioners working with individuals suffering from symptoms of depression.

Bottom Line: Depression Test offers users the ability to monitor and measure the severity of depression and report back to their practitioner with their saved data.

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  • Easy to use features
  • Tracks multiple weeks of results
  • Evidence based assessment
  • Additional depression resources linked within the application


  • No option to share data from one device to another



Features and Options:

Depression Test helps clients monitor symptoms of depression using the Patient Health Questionnaire (“PHQ-9”). PHQ-9 is a self-administered screening tool that is quick and easy for an individual to complete.

Taking the Test

Before taking the PHQ-9, the app informs the user Depression Test was not developed to treat depression but to identify it. We think this is an important reminder and that any practitioner offering this app to patients should consider reiterating this information. Once the user has initiated the test, he or she is prompted with the nine questions of the PHQ-9, which help determine a score. If a user exhibits symptomology of depression, a prompt appears suggesting the user should contact a doctor, friend, or family member if they are experiencing self-harming or suicidal thoughts.

Viewing the Test Results

After a user finishes the test, the assessment indicates whether he or she shows signs of no, minimal, moderate, or severe depression. On the same screen, the app offers a ”Find Help” button, listing clinicians across the United States. Each clinician has a listed phone number, where they can be reached.

Depression Test also allows a user to track their previous assessments. The app provides a graph showing the users patterns of no, minimal, moderate, or severe symptoms. The user and/or his or her practitioner can click on a specific date and see the exact answers the user chose that day.

Staying Informed

The application’s final feature is its educational materials. Depression test provides the user with more information about the PHQ-9 questionnaire, the app, and depression. It might be helpful for a practitioner to review these resources with their client.

Practice Implications:

          Depression Test could be utilized with individuals who have reported struggling with the symptoms of depression. The application allows a person to track their own mental well-being, and that information can be shared in sessions with their practitioner. The practitioner could use the information to inquire what their client was experiencing when they had a given score. This application could serve as a beginning for work in a session or as the foundation of an intervention to address depression.

Privacy Policy:

Data is only stored on the individual’s personal device. Test results are not shared with application developers or any third party.

Device used for review: IPad




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