Mandatory Club Re-Registration Rules Have Changed!

Please note that as per the announcement listed in the SG&O Bulletin dated April 11th, clubs now have to COMPLETE elections BEFORE they can re-register for university-wide recognition for the 2023-2024 academic year.  The new Executive Board will be responsible for registering the club on UBLinked.

Out-going E-board, please update your club’s UBLinked roster, which will grant the new E-board permissions to re-register.

The re-registration window for GSA clubs will be open from August 15th until October 15th.

GSA Job Posting: Application Deadline April 28th

The GSA is currently hiring a Programming Coordinator to serve through the end of the next fiscal year (July 31, 2024).  The full description of the position is attached.  If you are interested in this posting, please email the required materials listed to the GSA Vice President, Jennifer Schechter, at by Friday, April 28th in order to be considered.  Applicants must be currently enrolled graduate students who have paid their mandatory student activity fee and must be able to serve for the full term of the position.


GSA Officer Election Results

The GSA Election Committee is pleased to announce the results of the 2023-2024 GSA Officer Election vote:


Isaac Kolding: 146
Jennifer Schechter: 120
(22 abstentions)

Vice President:

Sarah MacDougall: 248
(36 abstentions)


Melanie March: 167
Joshua Joseph: 83
(36 abstentions)

These elected candidates will officially take office on June 1, 2023.

Thank you to all of the graduate students who participated in the vote!


GSA Election Committee

Elizabeth Vohwinkel (EC Co-Chair)
Andrew Brown (EC Co-Chair)
Stephine Hunt  (EC)
Emily Lapan (EC)
Morgan Redington (EC)

Josh Allen Tickets for Non-Undergraduate Students

GREAT NEWS!!! The upcoming Student Choice Speaker event featuring Josh Allen has opened up tickets for non-undergraduate UB Students! On April 19, starting at 8pm, Buffalo Bill’s quarterback Josh Allen will join us with Steve Tasker in a night of Q&A with questions from UB Students!!!

Starting on Friday 4/7 @ 9am, you can reserve tickets by going to while supplies last.

This opportunity is completely FREE!

We hope to see you at the event!

UB Ticket Office Resumes Normal Operations

We are pleased to announce that the UB Student Union Ticket Office is back up and running as normal. You may begin to send in your event/ticket requests as you have done in the past.

Over the last month, UB student governments representatives have worked with the Ticket Office and the UB Information Security Office to ensure the software system that the Ticket Office uses has been properly secured and that all possible threats have been addressed.  The recent AudienceView security breach was caused by an employee with credentials who entered a malicious code into the system. This employee no longer works at AudienceView and Mandiant (a third-party remediation vendor) has confirmed that the code is no longer running.

According to the UB Information Security Office, there is little AudienceView could have done in ways of an insider threat and that a rouge employee can introduce this issue. We are happy to know that AudienceView did not have a vulnerability that was exploited or an unpatched system that was taken advantage of.  Because of this, we feel as though there is no valid technical reason not to continue to move forward with the AudienceView software at this time.

I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during this incident to ensure that all your personal information was safe and secure.

The URL for the full background is as follows:

John Kisker
Interim Director
Student Unions
Student Life, University at Buffalo
228 Student Union  /  (716) 645-3077





GSA Statement on Michael Knowles Event

The University at Buffalo Graduate Student Association (GSA) stands in solidarity with transgender students and other members of the LGBTQIA+ community at UB. While we vehemently support students’ right to a freedom of speech, we strongly condemn the hateful views of Mr. Knowles and the inflammatory rhetoric he will bring to campus. All students deserve to be safe on campus, regardless of gender identity, and we question the University’s commitment to the safety of marginalized groups on campus. We are once again disappointed with the University’s decision to continually give a platform to speakers who will cause harm to members of the university community.

We call on President Tripathi and other University administrators to ban the targeted harassment and pervasively hostile environments created by giving space to speakers like Mr. Knowles (and others in the past such as Allen West and Ben Shapiro). We expect the University to help create diverse dialogue and spaces without allowing members of our community to be targeted.

We stand in solidarity with transgender students and members of the LGBTQIA+ students at the University at Buffalo, as well as any other members of historically marginalized student groups on campus. Students, faculty and staff have a right to learn and to work in an environment that is free from transphobia and other forms of bigotry.

J Coley, President
Jennifer Schechter, Vice President
Joshua Joseph, Treasurer

GSA Ticket Sales Update

Please note that as a result of the recent AudienceView data breach, most GSA ticket sales have been put on hold.  We are working with the University to make alternate arrangements to get our sales back up and running as soon as possible, but at this point we are waiting for more data and information to be made available by the vendor.

Currently, the Sabres ticket sale that started on February 27th is on hold.  We hope to resume that sale by next week.  March AMC movie tickets, the Buffalo Bandits tickets and the New York Beer Project Brewery Tour and Tasting tickets are now available via the UB MarketPlace links in the corresponding event postings through the GSA Calendar.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have things back to normal as soon as possible.  We thank you all for your patience in the meantime.

Advisory: Student Union Ticket Office

If you purchased tickets online from the Student Union Ticket Office between August 2022 and February 2023, your credit/debit card information may have been compromised.  Online ticket services are currently unavailable due to a third-party data breach.

 Learn more:

 Advisory: Student Union Ticket Office

 March 3, 2023

As you may know, the third-party vendor, AudienceView, used by our Student Government Associations to sell tickets through the Student Unions Ticket Office (221 Student Union) experienced a security breach last week, potentially compromising the personal information of customers, including credit card numbers and billing addresses. This breach has affected a number of other colleges and universities that use AudienceView as a vendor. It should also be noted that customers who bought tickets through the Center for the Arts have not been impacted by this breach, as originally believed.

The vendor is in the process of issuing emails to those potentially impacted; please watch your email for the subject line: Notice of Security Incident, from Campus Student Data.

While the vendor informed the university the breach was limited to those who purchased between Feb. 17 and Feb. 21, our IT Information Security Team has investigated further and believes the problem could be more widespread. Some UB students who made purchases outside that period of time have reported unauthorized transactions on their accounts.

As a precaution, we are asking all customers who made online purchases through the ticket office since the start of the academic year monitor their credit or bank statements. If you believe you have been the victim of fraud, please reach out to your financial institution immediately to report your concerns:

  • Credit cards: please reach out to the credit card provider or
  • Debit cards: please reach out to the bank that issued your card.

In both instances, please ALSO reach out to AudienceView to notify them directly by email at

 The vendor will be offering free credit-monitoring services for customers potentially impacted so it’s important that you report issues immediately.

In the meantime, officials with the university and student government are reaching out to representatives of AudienceView to determine their next steps for addressing the compromised data and financial loss some students have already incurred.

Out of an abundance of caution,  AudienceView has disabled ticketing services until they can determine if the security risk has been eliminated. UB is working with student governments on a temporary solution so students can continue utilizing the ticket office in support of their programs and events. Service with the vendor will not resume until the Student Governments Associations are satisfied with their remediation success.

We will keep you informed of further developments as more details become available on the following webpage:

Your student governments,

Undergraduate Student Association (SA)
Graduate Student Association (GSA)
Medical Student Polity (MSP)
American Student Dental Association (ASDA)
School of Pharmacy Student Association (SPSA)
Student Bar Association (SBA)
Graduate Management Association (GMA)