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University Wide Recognition Deadline

October 15, 2021

Student organization re-registration is now open. As an organization recognized by the Graduate Student Association your club’s re-registration period is set to close at on 10/15/2021 at 11:59 p.m.

This process provides clubs and organization more support and access to institutional resources. The formal policy is located here and outlines its purpose, benefits of recognition, eligibility requirements, responsibilities of organizations, and non-discriminatory practices. This document provides evidence that university-wide recognition is demonstrated through an up-to-date and university approved UBLinked page.

Failure to complete the registration form by the appropriate timeline will results in a complete loss of the following for the student organization:

  • Access to the University at Buffalo name and logo
  • Access to funding from the Mandatory Student Activity Fee if recognized by a student government
  • Ability to reserve/rent space on campus for events and meetings
  • Access to vendor and lobby tables in the Student Union
  • Privilege to conduct fundraising activities on campus
  • Financial services through a University Fiscal Agent
  • Eligibility to participate in all membership recruitment opportunities
  • Access to the organization’s UBLinked page

The loss of benefits will last until the organization re-registers during the following re-registration window, which will open on April 15, 2022.

Be sure to maintain current information on UBLinked

  • Maintain current contact information of all officers, advisors, and liaisons.
  • Maintain a current roster of active members.
  • Maintain current copy of organization’s constitution and by-laws, including those organizations external to the University with which the group may be affiliated.

More information on information related to clubs and organizations here at UB and our recognition process, can be found at the website below:

Information for Clubs and Organizations


  1. When you log on to your group’s UBLinked page, on the front Explore page, you will see the following prompt. Click the 9 small squares next to your profile circle.

Please keep in mind that only executive board members or primary contacts can re-register an organization. Please contact Tom Vane at tmvane@buffalo.edu if you are not listed in an executive board position on UBLinked.

If your organization has not elected a new executive board you must still re-register your organization before the deadline. Please be sure to log back in to UBLinked to update the executive board once elections are over.

  1. From there it will provide you a list of organizations you manage. Click the organization you would like to re-register. This will take you to a new page that will offer a button that reads “Re-Register An Organization.” Click that button to proceed.
  2. You will then be prompted to update your club/organizations general information. This includes the following:
  • Official Name
  • Organization Description
  • Website Info
  • Contact Information (Please do not put your personal information)
  1. The next step relates to the Organization Roster. You will be asked to update executive board member positions. Select the position, and then list the person’s name and e-mail in their respective areas. You will not be able to move on until all required position are filled. You must click add in between the entry of each position.

The only mandatory position for every student organization is the Events Coordinator. This can be one or multiple individuals. The Events Coordinator will serve as the liaison between the organization and the university regarding events. The person/people that hold this position will be the only individuals that can create events and reserve space using UBLinked. An e-board member, such as the President, can also hold the Events Coordinator position.

  1. You will then review the roster. You can remove graduating members or add any new members that have expressed interest in joining. In some cases, no changes will need to be made.
  2. Next, upload the most recent version of your organization constitution or bylaws. The constitution you upload must be the most recent constitution approved by your recognizing agent. This is where many student organizations get stuck. Please be sure this is accurate.
  3. Next upload a profile picture that accurately depicts your organization. This can be of students, or an organization logo.
  4. Finally, you’ll complete the additional information. This includes:
  • Official Name
  • Primary Contact for Organization (typically an executive board member)
  • Primary Contact’s email address
  • The Organization’s Recognizing Agent (either their student government, Campus Ministries Association, or department/decanal unit)


October 15, 2021
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