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Rising Up: Resurgences and Revivals in the Ancient World Conference

October 1, 2016 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Conference Title: Rising Up: Resurgences and Revivals in the Ancient World

Keynote Speaker: Steven Tuck, Miami University

Just as the city of Buffalo is currently undergoing a resurgence, so do many aspects of the ancient world. The trope of the rise and fall of civilizations is a popular one in studies of antiquity, but the idea of a resurgence and revival is also prevalent.  From individuals returning to power from a period of exile to the revival of a particular artistic or literary style, resurgences were crucial developments in the study of ancient societies, affecting the archaeological, historical and literary traditions.  By examining resurgences and revivals, one can better grasp the preferences and desires of individuals and communities.  Even in current scholarship, Classics has often faced a decline and subsequent renaissance in interest among both scholars and the general public.  This conference aims to explore the numerous dimensions and complexities of resurgences and revivals in both antiquity and its impact on scholarship within modern academia.

Questions to be considered include: What are the circumstances needed for a resurgence of a civilization to occur?  Why would one choose to revive a particular style, whether in art, architecture, or literature?   Who could ignite a resurgence or how could an individual impact a resurgence?  How can these trends be seen in material culture?  What literary styles and traditions see a revival and how do they come into being?  Does the meaning of a resurgence change depending on contemporary political, economic, social or geographical framework?

There is a wide array of evidence that can be used to address such inquiries, spanning the Classical sub-disciplines.  Examples of these types of evidence include ancient prose and poetry, monuments, pottery, sculpture, epigraphy, numismatics, burial customs and modern reception studies.

Possible paper topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • historical figures and families who made a comeback or return to power
  • revival of a particular artistic or architectural style
  • reuse of particular literary styles
  • reuse of certain myths or historical stories in both text and material culture
  • revival of the study of Classics and archaeology throughout history
  • individuals who facilitated resurgence in the ancient world
  • scholars who transformed the discipline of Classics and archaeology
  • effects of resurgence on elite and non-elite populations
  • effects of resurgence on economy and population growth
  • fluctuations in activity at religious cults or temples
  • revival of ancient customs in later periods
  • revitalization of cities
  • revival in burial practices
  • resurgences of ideas and beliefs

The presenters for this conference were chosen as follows: they sent in anoynomous abstracts, which were then lettered (A-H) and sent out to the members of the Classics Graduate Student Association. Then, the CGSA members were asked to number the abstracts in order of their preference (1-8). The keynote speaker was chosen in the same manner.

Sponsored by the Graduate Student Association

Rising Up


October 1, 2016
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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112 O’Brian Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260 United States


Classics GSA