Who’s line is it anyway?

Here’s another great trick for taking your thoughts less seriously! Pick your favorite cartoon or movie character- try finding one with a very distinct voice (Like Dory or Batman or Yoda). Then turn your challenging thought into a short statement (e.g., “I can’t do this”, “I am a failure”, “Things are too hard”). Now imagine: how would that character say it? Try saying it out loud just like the character would! Notice your experience with the thought as you do this…

  • Are you holding the thought more gently?
  • Are you laughing/taking it less seriously?
  • Are you focusing more on how to say it rather than on what the thought means?

[speaking whale] “iiiiiiiiii….cccccaaaannnnnnttttttt….ddoooooooooooo…ttttthhiiiiiiiiiisssssssss” [deep voice] “I am….a failure”

“Too hard things are” [Yoda laugh]