About Us

Sarah Taber-Thomas, Ph.D.

Dr. Sarah Taber-Thomas is the Director of the Psychological Services Center (PSC) at the University at Buffalo, and oversees the clinical training of advanced doctoral students in clinical psychology. In addition to her work with children and families, Dr. Taber-Thomas has a particular interest in mindfulness and acceptance-based interventions, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. During the pandemic, she has been striving to #MakeTodayMeaningful by baking, blowing bubbles, having family game nights/dinners via Zoom, and appreciating the simple moments with her family.

Lauren Rodriguez, M.A.

Lauren is one of the Assistant Directors at the PSC. She currently has a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University at Buffalo and is also finishing up her last year in UB’s Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program. She primarily works with individuals who have experienced stressful or traumatic life events as well as those struggling with alcohol/substance use. She also enjoys helping couples and families learn skills for improving relationship dynamics and strengthening these important bonds. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Lauren has sought to #MakeTodayMeaningful by taking her dogs Muffin & Ash for walks, sending funny memes to her family’s group chat, and reading books just for fun!

Tierney McMahon, M.A.

Tierney is one of the Assistant Directors at the PSC. She is currently a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at the University at Buffalo and is expecting her Ph.D. in 2021. As a therapist, she primarily draws on mindfulness-based interventions, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, in order to help adults and adolescents who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and traumatic stress. Influenced by her work as a therapist, her research focuses on identifying the ways we regulate our emotions, how mindfulness influences our wellbeing and mental health, and how people respond to stressful experiences. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tierney has chosen to #MakeTodayMeaningful by playing games with her friends and family on Zoom, spending quality time with her cat Dizzy, and learning new recipes to enjoy while binge-watching her favorite TV shows.