Who We Are and What We’re About!

Make Today Meaningful is a web-based initiative put together by the Psychological Services Center at the University at Buffalo. Our goal is to provide free and accessible self-help resources in order to help everyone find ways to #MakeTodayMeaningful during times of stress, like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

On our website you will find weekly webinars focused on different topics related to mental health and wellbeing. We based our webinars on skills that are taught in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and that have research to support their effectiveness in combating common mental health problems and coping with difficult emotions. These webinars will walk you through evidence-based ways to practice these skills and improve your ability to create a sense of meaning and purpose in your everyday life.

For each webinar, we include supplemental online resources that are intended to help you follow through with the skills we teach. If you don’t know where to begin, we will post daily challenges on how you can practice these skills and take action to #MakeTodayMeaningful.

While we believe that these webinars will be useful for enhancing wellbeing for most people, we also want to emphasize that our webinars are not meant to replace treatment for psychological problems. If you believe that you are struggling with mental health concerns, we encourage you to seek out an individual provider who can assist you with identifying the best treatment options for your needs. If you need to speak to someone immediately, please call the Buffalo 24-hour Crisis Services Line at (716) 834-3131 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.