“Goal” & Get ‘Em

As we are coming out of a pandemic, your summer plans may look a little different than usual this year. It’s common to have thoughts like “It’s not the same, so why bother?”, “It just doesn’t matter if I can’t do what I really want!”, or “I’m just so tired of this!” Notice that these are your mind’s reaction to a difficult situation. Even though these are unprecedented times, you can still find meaning in each day! It just may involve some meaningful problem-solving and a sprinkle of creativity!

Use the Goals Worksheet under Webinar #5 to start thinking about what values you want to pursue this summer and start setting some initial goals. Reflect on what kinds of “passengers” may show up. What uncomfortable emotions and thoughts you are willing to experience in order to achieve these important goals in a way that is consistent with your values? Also think about what tools we’ve talked about in the webinars that you can use. Planning ahead like this will help you be more prepared to cope with these experiences when they show up!