Be Present Together

Sometimes when we are having a conversation with someone, we get pulled out of the present moment. For example, maybe a memory shows up based on something you are talking about. Or maybe your mind starts some distracting commentary about the conversation you are having. You’ve probably noticed that it’s really easy for our minds to get drawn back to the past or propelled forward into the future. It’s also very common to get so focused on our own internal experiences that we become disengaged from the conversation. This can cause us to miss important details of what the other person is saying and makes it difficult to really connect in a meaningful way with them.

So your challenge for today is to be present together! In your interactions with others today, whether it’s virtually or in-person, see if you can be present and really pay attention to what they are saying. Notice if having a conversation with intention is different than how you might normally interact with someone.

If you get pulled away by an internal experience (e.g., memories, thoughts, emotions, physical feelings), that’s ok. Just silently acknowledge to yourself that it happened, and try to re-focus on really being present with the person you are talking to.