Donglai Yang: Research

I am a first year Master’s student in the department of Geology at UB. I am from Chengdu, China. My hometown seeded my interest in the natural landscape as I lived off melt water from Himalayan glaciers and payed countless visits to Dujiangyan, one of the oldest flood control systems in the world; and I also experienced a fatal earthquake in 2008.

Dujiangyan. Photo taken from this site

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Earth & Environmental Sciences and Physics at Wesleyan University. There I wrote a thesis on the fascinating physics of how earthquake melts rocks. My obsession with melting stuff and broader interest in climate change led me to the science of melting ice.

Currently, I am working on assessing the uncertainty in the latest ice sheet model inter-comparison results (ISMIP6). It is an international collaboration to model ice loss from polar ice sheets through 2100 as a part of CMIP6 (Coupled Model Inter-comparison Project 6). These important studies inform the latest assessment form IPCC and hence the whole world. However, much is to be improved in the model inter-comparison practices, and I create and simulate a host of fictitious glaciers/glacial environments to investigate what went underrepresented in ISMIP.

Many ice sheet models meshgrid the ice sheet into triangular elements and solve complicated equations to simulate how ice gets lost. Figure is borrowed from this study
ISMIP6 is the first time ice sheet modeling community integrates up-to-date forcings from ocean and atmosphere modeling communities.

In my free time, I love road cycling, hiking, practicing guitar playing, cooking, and making memes. If you have fun things in mind (or you play bass), reach out to me at first_name + last_name_initial ’at’ buffalo ’dot’ edu

Mont Blanc, 2019