Hannah Ambrosino: Research


I’m Hannah Ambrosino! I’m currently a senior Geology major and Environmental Studies minor at the University at Buffalo. I have previously done research identifying and exploring the shape of moulins in QGIS in Northwest Greenland, as well as some experience in Google Earth Engine tracking glacial movement. I am currently working with Naureen Khan in search of crevasses around Greenland to support her PhD thesis; in which I find the crevasses in Google Earth Engine through GEEDiT. By finding this data, Naureen will be able to create a machine learning technique that will be able to detect crevasses across the entire ice sheet. It’s pretty cool!

Over the summers I typically work in Aquatic Invasive Species Management. This includes collecting data of plant and animal material in and on boats, making sure our water bodies are clean and/or managed! This is a DEC state-wide funded program, so I am planning to continue and join the WNY branch. AIS Management and our “Clean, Drain, Dry” technique ensure that we stop the spread of harmful invasives to untouched places.

Born and raised in the ADKs, I had the privilege of experiencing each season in its full magnitude; coming to highly value and appreciate it. I have always cared about the climate and was able to cultivate and grow that passion through my first geology class.

Devil’s Hole in Buffalo, N.Y. along the Niagara River

Other fun things about me include rollerskating, oil painting, and I am a part of the TM community (Transcendental Meditation).