The Best Indian Food Near UB’s Campus 

Written by: Nirali Shah, DDS, MBA ’25

To all Indian students at UB who are missing the comfort of home-cooked delights, fear not! Here’s your ultimate guide to the best Indian restaurants in the vicinity, ensuring your taste buds do a happy dance. 

Saravana Bhavan 

Buckle up for a culinary joyride! If you’re up for a long drive (or just hungry, really), this spot is a South Indian haven. Think crispy dosas, velvety uttapam and sambar that’s basically a party in your mouth. The Sambar and Dosas, packed full of leaves, seeds, and spices that hit your taste buds in all the right places. The staff is on point—always checking, “More sambar, more chutney?” Yes, please! 

Taj Grill 

Calling all North Indian food aficionados, Taj Darbar is your gastronomic sanctuary. The Chicken Tikka Masala is so good, your fingers will involuntarily start licking themselves. And the Chole Bhature, pure bliss. The Samosa Appetizers are like the opening act to a delicious symphony. Worth every visit! 

Inchin’s Bambu Garden 

Are you a fan of Indian-Chinese fusion? Say no more, this place has your back. These are my favorite food items on the menu: Chilly Garlic Noodles, Paneer 65 Rice and the Crisp Chili Baby corn starter—it’s like a party on your plate. And oh, don’t skip the wide range of the mocktails, especially the one with mango on the rocks. The best part about this restaurant is the ambience. You will love the decor and mysterious calmness that comes with it. 

Bollywood Bistro 

If you don’t want to go anywhere, surprise, surprise! UB has a beautiful café on the banks of a lake in the Commons area called Bollywood Bistro which has the best Chole Bhature and Samosa Chat! One person can’t finish the whole dish, so get that small army of two or three friends to have a pocket friendly, yummilicious Indian food only for $8! 

Bonus Tip 

Feeling homesick during Diwali? Fear not!SUPERBAZAAR and Spresh – Indian stores that offer noiseless firecrackers – are your tickets to sugary heaven Rasgulla, Chumchum, the superstar Rasmalai and many more to enjoy. 

As you savor these bites of home, remember that UB is what you make of it. So, make it a feast! Enjoy the delicious chaos, the spicy adventures and the sweet memories. After all, UB is not just a university; it’s a buffet of experiences waiting for you to dig in. 

Nirali Shah, DDS, MBA '25

Bio: Hi, my name is Nirali Shah. After I completed Dental School, I joined a senior dentist’s clinic and learned a lot about the hard and soft skills required in dentistry. At the very naive age of 25, I opened my own dental practice. I took a loan, as the dental armamentarium is very expensive, went through various ups and downs. I learned many things from my entrepreneurial journey, repaid my loan and became the first-generation dentist and entrepreneur in my family to be able to run it successfully for more than 4 years.

While running my dental practice, after facing various business challenges, I developed a solution-oriented mindset. I realized that I don’t want to be constricted to operating a single dental practice. I would rather find solutions to problems and create impact at a macro level in the healthcare industry. That is why I decided to pursue MBA.

When I am not doing dentistry, I can be found traveling, especially trekking the mountain ranges. I have also trekked the Himalayas and have lived in subzero temperatures. Apart from this, I am an empathetic person and have done various volunteer activities, like mentoring underprivileged children and educating their mothers on the importance of financial independence.

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